Once upon a time, Mémé Meuh*

Everything started at the beginning of last century

Mémé Meuh

Mémé Meuh* grew up in a traditional Norman farm. Let’s read the famous writer Guy de Maupassant. Imagine the farm, the barn, and the rows of trees protecting from prevailing winds coming from the nearby sea.

Ten children to feed! So the parents supported them with a few cows, chickens, ducks ... The kitchen was the main living room of the house. According to pure Norman tradition, they cooked in large pots, in the fire place or on the wood stove.

In the middle of the room, a large farm table, where everyone was welcome. Generosity was the key word of this family. And it's still true today.

Mariage de Mémé MeuhEverything brings us back to childhood

Until I started school at 6 years old, I lived with my grandmother. As far as my memory goes back, I can remember her cows. My first words were associated with this beautiful person. This entire story is dedicated to her.

My playmates were the farm animals. All day, I would collect eggs in the chicken coop, stroke rabbits in hutches, run around with cows, followed the donkey that carried burdens. How I liked to hide in the garden shed to watch the comings and goings. It was a true country life, close to nature.

Everything has a meaning

You have understood, my grandmother’s cooking is still there, present in my mind forever. It’s only fair to pay tribute to her memory. The French tradition is perpetuated and it’s my turn to offer you these delicious curd biscuits.

Enjoy them! Have a thought for this happiness from another century.

*Granny Moo