Made in Normandie

Award winning patisserie!

These trophies for excellence in French gastronomy are awarded to companies in the agribusiness sector which production site located specifically in Normandy.

"The jury believes that this product has its place among the winners of trophies. They recognize the flavour of a forgotten product with an authentic taste (...).Furthermore these curd cookies are really new and original, creating an innovation in the biscuit market, Regarding the packaging, the jury appreciated the simplicity of the packet which reflected the simple and delicious pleasure felt during tasting. "

Selection and distinction assured by a committee composed as follows:.

A selection panel + Two consumer tests

>1 quantitative analysis with a panel of 60 consumers (odour, taste, texture)

>1 focus group, directed by ACTALIA Sensory, 8 consumers

The jury’s final decision was dictated by the unique taste and guaranteed quality of the product.