No added preservatives !

Everything is in the milk.

Take milk straight from the cow’s udder. This Norman cow has been nourished exclusively with green grass from the soft Normandy pastures in the summer season, or tasty and fragrant fodder in the winter.

Heat the milk gently and save the deposit formed above. This deposit has the appearance of skin. That’s what we French, call it the milk skin.

The excellence of French gastronomy.

Imagine patience and skill, and add some tasty ingredients: eggs directly from the farm, French cream, miller’s flour, some sugar (not too much…). You’ve got succulent, crispy biscuits with finely caramelized edges.

Don’t wait to taste them!

Enjoy them with tea or coffee after a meal, with jam in the middle of the afternoon, or with a simple glass of milk at any time.

One thing is certain, you are sure to enjoy a completely authentic product.